Symposium ERIMA 07': European Symposium on Innovative Management Practices

Bidart (Biarritz) - FRANCE, 15-16th March 2007

Welcome to ERIMA07'

An innovative symposium…

The ERIMA07’ - European Symposium on Innovative Management Practices aims to involve:

  • Industrial companies that envision and promote innovative management practices for the development of complex projects. Large international companies are central, because they are the key hubs of innovation networks and practices. Small and medium enterprises will play a key role due to their scarce but adaptive resources. Innovative networking takes advantage of complementary skills and resources that are crucial for their long term competitiveness.
  • Research institutes and universities, who are involved in applied research, fieldwork and case studies in the area of Innovative Management Practices.
  • Individual professionals and practitioners, knowledge workers, consultants, European Commission members interested in innovation deployment and support.

The first day of the symposium will focus on industrial needs, future challenges, storytelling and case studies exploring innovative management best practices.

The second day will be oriented towards new organisations, concepts, methods and tools proposed by the research community and practitioners to promote innovative management.

To facilitate creative and convergent working sessions and workshops during the symposium, the chairmen of sessions will present the main contribution of each selected paper and start a round-table discussion across different questions and topics. Each contributor will be invited to clarify his/her point of view during the discussion.

Looking forward to welcoming you during the symposium ERIMA07’!

Jérémy Legardeur & Juantxu Martin (Co-chair of ERIMA07’)