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What is "ERIMA"?

The European Research in Innovation and Management has the objective to constitute a “European Excellence Network” by Universities and Research Centres working actively in the fields of Innovation and Business Management. This Network is constituted by the most active and qualified European R&D institutions in this sphere, with the aim of spreading and promoting new theories, methods and techniques in Innovation and Business Management (I&BM).

Our vision is to constitute an active among European Excellence Centres in the field of Innovation and Business Management for spreading and promoting I&BM in Europe. ERIMA aim to be one of the European and International reference for enterprises and institutions.

Due to the close relationship among the ERIMA members and with other centres of excellence all over the world, the network is “on the edge” in all the innovations appearing in I&BM.

Different strategies have been used for the exchange of knowledge among partners (combined projects, stays of researchers, exchange of experiences…).

How to benefit from synergies among the participants?

-Execution of projects in common: EU-funded projects, national projects
-Exchange of researchers
-Exchange of knowledge, methodologies and tools.
-To standardize “de facto” a “European model” of innovation, with contribution of all participants.

How to promote the importance of Innovation and business management in the E.U.?

-Join meetings with EU representatives to reinforce the importance of I&BM in the VII F.P.
-Contact with national authorities to get their support in front of the EU and to check the feasibility of coordination of national programmes in this field.
-Coordinate the presentation of individual EU project within a common and coherent framework, covering all phases of research and EU instruments

To meet the work challenges of the emerging knowledge economy in the 21st century, enterprises need to ask:

-How to achieve a "strategic fit" between corporate and innovation strategy?
-Which are the barriers to innovation? How can they be overcome?
-How can a good idea be transformed into good business?
-How to promote individual creativity?
-How can an “innovation culture” be achieved in the organisation and supported by different business functions?
-Which are suitable collaborative technologies and channels for collaboration which will help to foster innovation?

The European Research in Innovation and Management has been created to allow researchers, industrials and politicians to share their knowledge, experiment and opinion in innovation and business management.

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